I haven’t been around in a while. I’m not busy, I don’t have writer’s block, none of the typical excuses apply here.  I’ve just been neglecting my spiritual practice, and when that happens, not much of value goes on in my life.

It is a daily struggle for me to practice. And I find that really funny because I know I feel better mentally and physically when my spiritual well is full. Twenty minutes of meditation a day, maybe a bit of asana thrown in, and I feel grounded, energized, empowered and clear on my purpose. And yet, every morning I have to convince myself to meditate. And most mornings I fail.

Here’s a little story for you. When I was in my mid-twenties I used to get a lot of headaches. A lot. And after a while I somehow realized that I was dehydrated and that’s what was causing it. So although I absolutely hate drinking water, I realized that it was what I had to do to prevent headaches, so I started drinking water and I drink it every day. It’s just what you have to do to have the kind of life you want; ie. a life without headaches.

The same principle can – and does – apply to my spiritual practice. If I want to feel good about myself and my life, I have to feed the light inside me. It’s not big enough or bright enough to sustain itself. And if the light inside me isn’t burning brightly enough, fear takes over. And we all know nothing gets done when fear is running the show.

So just like with water,

filling up my well of light is what I have to do to have the kind of life I want.

When my well starts to run dry, I call it needing a spiritual tune up. And I have a few go-to tactics for kickstarting my spirituality. These are mantras or songs or inspirational speeches that never fail to fire me up; give me a spiritual high that I can ride into a daily sadhana practice.  I thought I’d share them with you just in case someone out there is in the same boat – needing to jump start their spiritual practice.

Stepping into your purpose – Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols often says that she’s not an inspirational speaker, she’s a transformational speaker, and this talk of hers attests to that. It is powerful, and will leave you knowing you are destined for greatness and fired up to go out and make shit happen.

Kirtan Kriya

I did this mantra for the first time at a yoga class with Elena Brower (LOVE her). It’s so beautiful, and I felt so at peace when I finished. I read somewhere that if you’re only going to use one mantra in life, it should be this one. It rearranges your subconscious; helping you to break through and release whatever does not serve you.

Awakening Your Authentic Power – Gabrielle Bernstein

If you love Gabrielle Bernstein like I do, you’ll love this. It’s a great talk, and includes two powerful meditations to help you break through fear.

Oprah at the Empowerment Stage at Essence Fest

If you’re like me and you know you have a light inside you, and know what your purpose is, but can’t seem to bring yourself to act on it, this is for you. It will not only make you feel empowered to step into your purpose, it also explains how not doing that is actually disrespectful to the universe.

The Grace Within You

This is a live album from Sat Nam Fest 2011. The whole album is beautiful and it’s a great thing to listen to while you’re puttering around your house; letting it passively fill you with positivity, but my absolute favourite is Grace Of God by Gurunam Singh. I like to listen to it first thing in the morning as my lightsourcing meditation.

If you check any of these out, please let me know what you think. And share with me in the comments what you do when your spiritual well is running dry.

xo Max.