Confession: I often skip my meditation.

Even though I know both from my own experience and from my training just how healing it can be, even though as a coach meditation is nearly always the first thing I suggest to my clients, I just somehow never seem to find the time to do it. Especially in the morning.

This is especially funny because I have this Gabrielle Bernstein quote that I love pasted on my wall:

“I don’t have time to meditate”
“Do you have time to feel like shit?”

know that having a daily mediation practice just elevates life. Everything works better and more smoothly when you start your day with mediation. And yet – I get busy and it falls to the bottom of the priority list.

I was telling this to my new B-School friend Ramdeep the other day and she made this really great suggestion: she said that if I don’t have a lot of time in the morning I could use oracle decks as a way to check in. You choose a card randomly from a deck, read the message, and then hug the card and just spend a few minutes in quiet contemplation of it.

So I’ve been trying to do this every morning – not succeeding, but trying, which is more than half the battle as far as I’m concerned.

Being a digital nerd I use an app instead of an actual deck – these days I’m using this Kuan Yin Oracle app because I’m totally obsessed with Kuan Yin.  Today I drew the “Maiden Ma Gu” card. I’m tempted to get into a big rigamarole about who Maiden Ma Gu is but honestly this post is already longer than I planned for it to be and I’m sure your Google game is just as strong as mine so…let’s cut to the chase.

After I read the card’s description (which was super informative for something cool that I’m working on for you guys) I hugged the app to myself, closed my eyes, and listened to what the Universe was going to tell me.

“It’s gonna be fine”

“it’s gonna work”

“Just write from your heart and people will feel you”

“It’s gonna be big”

This of course was exactly what I needed to hear today.

To be honest, I’ve been dancing around the perimeter of this mob of love. I’ve had the idea for a LONG time, and sat on it for a few months, then spent weeks designing and re-designing it. I’ve done research, made notes, and just generally done everything I possibly could do to avoid the actual work of creating the community I want it to be. Because like many people I sometimes suffer from imposter syndrome and sometimes can’t believe that I’m actually creating the beautiful magnificent love mob that I want this to be.

But I’m going to heed wisdom of Ma Gu and get to work. Starting with sharing the bombs that hit me in my mediation. I’ll be posting them as they strike –  and if I don’t, please feel free to publicly shame me for not sticking to my promises.

Are you guys getting your meditation in every day? Are bombs hitting you? If you feel inspired to share your bombs with us, that would be amazing. Post a comment, tag me on insta (@thelovemobonline), or hit up the Facebook page.