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Opening to Love

Lately I've been feeling pulled into the energy of love. Not the warm and fuzzy "we are all one" kind of love, but the romantic kind. The scary kind. The kind that I believed up until VERY recently I was never meant to have. Love is something I generally do not spend...

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Let’s be Better Together

So you guys may have noticed that I'm kinda inconsistent. I wake up every morning with the very best of intentions and then things just...go left. It's a huge problem when you're trying to build a coaching practice or create a love movement. People need to be able to...

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Meditation Bombs

Confession: I often skip my meditation. Even though I know both from my own experience and from my training just how healing it can be, even though as a coach meditation is nearly always the first thing I suggest to my clients, I just somehow never seem to find the...

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Maxie’s Story

I am a big sister. Yes, big in the sense of being older than my sister, but also big in the sense of size, of wrongness, of not fitting. Growing up I was the bigger sister so everything was my responsibility or my fault. Being the bigger sister meant doing extra work...

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Gone B-Schoolin’

Soooo guys in case you missed my Instagram post, I signed up for B-School this year! I'm super excited because I've been wanting to do it for a long time and finally decided to take a leap now so that this site can serve you all in the best possible way. But it does...

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Spiritual Tune-ups

I haven't been around in a while. I'm not busy, I don't have writer's block, none of the typical excuses apply here.  I've just been neglecting my spiritual practice, and when that happens, not much of value goes on in my life. It is a daily struggle for me to...

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My Big Fat Phobia

So the one big truth of my life is this: I am deathly, pathologically, insanely afraid of throwing up. Like to the point where I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get through writing this post because it's giving me anxiety. Like to the point I never go anywhere -...

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When Your Mother Doesn’t Like You

I don't know when exactly I realized that my mother doesn't like me, but I knew it for sure during my yoga teacher training. In my training we did a lot of trauma work and learned a lot about non-judgement and forgiveness, and like any newbie I probably went a bit...

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