Those of us who are all spiritually evolved and shit try to keep it positive. And while I rate that as an overall life philosophy, sometimes you just need to get some stuff of your chest. And so I give you (us) Free it Fridays.

(Confession: I totally stole this idea from this dope blog I used to read called Three Ways to Take It. They called it Eff it Fridays and I swear I used to stock up grievances all week so I could eff them on Fridays. But alas, that blog is no more and people still need to vent so…hopefully they don’t mind if we jack their styles just a little bit.)

Friday mornings I’ll kick it off with what I’m freeing this week. And you guys (hopefully) will free your beefs in the comments.

We start tomorrow.

Are you excited? I am!

Free it Friday May 12

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