F is for Eff it Fridays!

Have something in your life or on your mind that you need to free? Eff it here.

I’ll go first!

Eff these two goddamn mice who have taken up residence IN MY BEDROOM. I get that this is Toronto and having mice kinda sorta goes with the territory of living here, but being in my bedroom is going too far. I barely even let my kids in here!

Eff whatever depraved part of my brain thought it would be a good idea for me to take a course from 9pm to midnight every Thursday night. I am a morning person – my brain drops down to about 30% capacity by 3pm daily. I should not be learning things at night.

Also eff the fact that after I finish this course in two weeks, I start another one for another 10 weeks at night.

Eff the insane number of times I’ve heard actors attempting to do accents in audio books this week – I’ve heard really bad southern, Chinese, Indian, and Jamaican accents read by really talented narrators and I just want to know WHY someone decided that it made more sense to have someone fake it than to just find someone with the appropriate accent and asking them to read?!

That’s all I’m effing today – what do you need to eff? Share with us!

Introducing Free it Fridays

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