Good morning.

Has anyone said that to you yet today? Has anyone looked in your eyes and asked how you slept? If you need a coffee? What your plans are for the day? I suspect your mornings are like mine; full of “Mom can I?” and “Honey where’s my?” and “Hey did you? Hey can you?”. A flurry of requests and obligations coming at you so fast you can’t see straight, never mind be seen.  But I’m writing you today to tell you I see you.

I see the love you put into everything you do; from the care with which you spread almond butter on your son’s toast, to the gentle tone you use to persuade your daughter to wake up. I see you remember the details of your family’s days; asking the right questions and offering up encouragement. I see you send them off with well wishes for a great day. And I hear the gaping silence where their good wishes back to you should be.

You are a beautiful person. You deserve to be heard. You are meant to be cared for and tended to as lovingly as you care for everyone around you. You are not invisible. You are not invisible.

I know the feeling of speaking to someone who never answers you; probably because they weren’t even listening. I know the awkwardness and the mild embarrassment even though there’s no one there to witness it. I know how demoralizing it is, I’ve made that same vow not to even try to get what you need from others when you’re always rebuked. I feel you. I see you.

If people ignore you, it isn’t your fault. If they don’t show you the consideration you deserve them, don’t ever factor in your needs, don’t even do you the courtesy of looking at you when you speak to them, it’s not because of you. You lack nothing. Your words and thoughts and feelings are valid. You are not invisible.  I see you.

Remember this letter as you go through your day. Pull it out and read it the next time you are ignored or overlooked by the people who love you. Breathe it in. Soak it in. Believe it deep in your soul.

You are not invisible. I see you.




Think You Don't Deserve Love? A love letter to you

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