I keep forgetting to get my kids to brush their teeth. As in I remembered to do it like three times in the last month. I also haven’t taken them to the dentist in ages and now I’m afraid to because he’ll probably be able to tell they don’t brush enough. They eat too much candy too.

The Cut with Christa DiPaolo – a TLM favourite

The Cut with Christa DiPaolo – a TLM favourite

Christa DiPaolo hates you. Just kidding – I’m sure she thinks you’re fine. But when you do one of her workouts you will wonder what exactly you did to her to make her punish you so brutally. They’re that tough. And that’s just in her online videos; I can’t imagine what it would be like to work out with her in real life.

Her workout is called The Cut and it’s taught at Equinox as well as at a few different gyms in Florida (you can see her schedule here) but if she’s not where you are, she’s done three videos with Pop Sugar Fitness that will have you dripping with sweat, cursing her mother, and yet somehow still smiling because she’s still cute and funny even when she’s killing you.

Check them out here and if you do them – and survive – come back and tell us all about it!

Nikki World Boss – a TLM favourite

Nikki World Boss – a TLM favourite

You know those Facebook friends you have that you don’t know very well but they often pop up in your timeline with photos of them doing amazing and cool things and you keep wishing you knew them better? Nikki is that friend for me, and thankfully she also has a blog so I can get all up in her business without seeming like a crazy stalker.

Her blog Nikki World Boss is a sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant chronicle of her adventures in life, travel, and body positivity.

Check it out – I think you’ll love!

My Life on Venus – a TLM favourite

My Life on Venus – a TLM favourite

Okay our first Love Mob favourite is a blog I’ve been really digging lately. Its authors Mel and Peter are two people I worked with years ago who ended up falling in love, having a baby, and getting married. Their son Parker is easily one of the top three cutest babies I’ve ever seen.

Their blog “My Life on Venus is a funny and frank examination of parenthood from both a mom’s and a dad’s perspective – where have you ever seen such a thing before? And they go beyond the same old new parenting topics you see everywhere to talk openly and earnestly about things like gender equality and anxiety as they relate to parenting.

If you’re a parent, definitely check it out and come tell us how much you love it!

The Love Mob Favourites

The Love Mob Favourites

If there’s one thing we know in The Love Mob, it’s that sharing is caring. And so in the Favourites section of our site – you guessed it! We share our favourite things.

What’s lighting you up? Or turning you on?

What have you read or watched that blew your mind, healed your heart, or changed your worldview?

Share it all here. Post a comment, send me an email, or tag me on social @thelovemobonline.

And for those of you who don’t visit the site on a daily basis (for shame!) fret not: our most favouritest things will be aggregated in our What’s Hot Wednesdays posts so you don’t miss a thing. But make sure you subscribe to the Love Mob newsletter so you don’t miss out!

Introducing Free it Fridays

Introducing Free it Fridays

Those of us who are all spiritually evolved and shit try to keep it positive. And while I rate that as an overall life philosophy, sometimes you just need to get some stuff of your chest. And so I give you (us) Free it Fridays.

(Confession: I totally stole this idea from this dope blog I used to read called Three Ways to Take It. They called it Eff it Fridays and I swear I used to stock up grievances all week so I could eff them on Fridays. But alas, that blog is no more and people still need to vent so…hopefully they don’t mind if we jack their styles just a little bit.)

Friday mornings I’ll kick it off with what I’m freeing this week. And you guys (hopefully) will free your beefs in the comments.

We start tomorrow.

Are you excited? I am!

Meditation Bombs

Meditation Bombs

Confession: I often skip my meditation.

Even though I know both from my own experience and from my training just how healing it can be, even though as a coach meditation is nearly always the first thing I suggest to my clients, I just somehow never seem to find the time to do it. Especially in the morning.

This is especially funny because I have this Gabrielle Bernstein quote that I love pasted on my wall:

“I don’t have time to meditate”
“Do you have time to feel like shit?”

know that having a daily mediation practice just elevates life. Everything works better and more smoothly when you start your day with mediation. And yet – I get busy and it falls to the bottom of the priority list.

I was telling this to my new B-School friend Ramdeep the other day and she made this really great suggestion: she said that if I don’t have a lot of time in the morning I could use oracle decks as a way to check in. You choose a card randomly from a deck, read the message, and then hug the card and just spend a few minutes in quiet contemplation of it.

So I’ve been trying to do this every morning – not succeeding, but trying, which is more than half the battle as far as I’m concerned.

Being a digital nerd I use an app instead of an actual deck – these days I’m using this Kuan Yin Oracle app because I’m totally obsessed with Kuan Yin.  Today I drew the “Maiden Ma Gu” card. I’m tempted to get into a big rigamarole about who Maiden Ma Gu is but honestly this post is already longer than I planned for it to be and I’m sure your Google game is just as strong as mine so…let’s cut to the chase.

After I read the card’s description (which was super informative for something cool that I’m working on for you guys) I hugged the app to myself, closed my eyes, and listened to what the Universe was going to tell me.

“It’s gonna be fine”

“it’s gonna work”

“Just write from your heart and people will feel you”

“It’s gonna be big”

This of course was exactly what I needed to hear today.

To be honest, I’ve been dancing around the perimeter of this mob of love. I’ve had the idea for a LONG time, and sat on it for a few months, then spent weeks designing and re-designing it. I’ve done research, made notes, and just generally done everything I possibly could do to avoid the actual work of creating the community I want it to be. Because like many people I sometimes suffer from imposter syndrome and sometimes can’t believe that I’m actually creating the beautiful magnificent love mob that I want this to be.

But I’m going to heed wisdom of Ma Gu and get to work. Starting with sharing the bombs that hit me in my mediation. I’ll be posting them as they strike –  and if I don’t, please feel free to publicly shame me for not sticking to my promises.

Are you guys getting your meditation in every day? Are bombs hitting you? If you feel inspired to share your bombs with us, that would be amazing. Post a comment, tag me on insta (@thelovemobonline), or hit up the Facebook page.