The Love Mob was created to be the place where we can go when we need love, and where we go to give love – because sometimes the best way to get what our hearts are craving is to give it freely to others.
My dream is for this to become a vibrant, energetic community –  a movement – of people just loving all over each other.
But for this dream to become a reality, we need you. We need every person who is touched by the mission of the site to share their love. Read the articles, share them with a friend. Post a comment, tell a secret, share your life story.
Whatever way you feel called to share love, you can do it here.
And if you need love, reach out. Send an email, post a secret,  join our Facebook group and boldly and unashamedly ask for what you need – and if we’re doing this right, someone will be right there to give it to you.

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Opening to Love

Lately I've been feeling pulled into the energy of love. Not the warm and fuzzy "we are all one" kind of love, but the romantic kind. The scary kind. The kind that I believed up until VERY recently I was never meant to have. Love is something I generally do not spend...

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How we love each other


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