The Love Mob was created to be the place where we can go when we need love, and where we go to give love – because sometimes the best way to get what our hearts are craving is to give it freely to others.
My dream is for this to become a vibrant, energetic community –  a movement – of people just loving all over each other.
But for this dream to become a reality, we need you. We need every person who is touched by the mission of the site to share their love. Read the articles, share them with a friend. Post a comment, tell a secret, share your life story.
Whatever way you feel called to share love, you can do it here.
And if you need love, reach out. Send an email, post a secret,  join our Facebook group and boldly and unashamedly ask for what you need – and if we’re doing this right, someone will be right there to give it to you.

How we love each other